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The result of a man in the White House who apparently has no respect for the American people is also being recognized. Jennifer Harper, “Inside the Beltway” columnist at The Washington Times, reports, “A massive new Gallup poll released Tuesday has confirmed what tea partyers and other grass-roots folk have warned about in recent years. The sense of freedom appears to be diminished in America, and the nation ranks well down on a list of countries based on how residents report how ‘satisfied’ they are with the amount of freedom they enjoy.”

Providing some perspective on exactly what this means, Miss Harper notes, “The U.S. ranks 36th on the roster — behind such countries as Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates and Canada.”

On the surface, this is extremely troubling; but after years of being told Mr. Obama and his gang were their friends, it reveals the American people understand that all that has happened is grave. They get it that National Security Agency spying, Internal Revenue Service targeting, gunrunning to Mexico, the obscenity of Benghazi, the failed economy and a world on fire is unacceptable.

The people are crying out. They know we all deserve more. They know that incompetent, self-obsessed, petty and spiteful leadership doesn’t deserve respect, acquiescence or support.

On this Fourth of July, it’s obvious the Founders’ dreams — and the passions that made the first Independence Day possible — are still alive and well.

Tammy Bruce is a radio talk-show host, author and Fox News contributor.