- - Thursday, July 3, 2014


“Sharp increase in homicides in D.C. blamed on domestic disputes” (Web, July 1) examined some of the likely causes of the recent spike in the District of Columbia of domestic violence and homicides of women, but the piece failed to mention one reason that should demand more public attention.

The past 20 years have seen the rise of a popular culture that has deeply corroded, and in some quarters nearly destroyed, the first rule of civilization: Men must never do harm to women or children. The once well-understood corollary, which fathers in all previous generations taught their sons, is that the primary role of men is to be protectors and defenders of women and children.

The modern antagonism to what was once called chivalry is well-known, and it began the erosion of these foundational principles. The verbal savagery against women spread widely in so-called rap music has torn the rules of civilization into shreds. At its core, this music celebrates a violent subculture in which men are encouraged to prey upon women and girls, and it rejects outright any responsibility for the widespread misery that lifestyle creates.

Culture has consequences, and there is no mystery in the rising statistics of violence against women. It is time to connect the dots.





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