- - Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Did you hear the news?

Kevin Durant is coming home!

Two years from now!


Unless the rampant speculation and search for clues kill us first.

Durant, a four-time NBA scoring champ and D.C. native, made waves Tuesday at Team USA’s training camp in Las Vegas. All it took was speaking openly and honestly about perhaps joining the Wizards as a free agent in 2016.

Kevin Durant feels tug to return home to Washington after LeBron James‘ decision,” read a headline on Yahoo Sports.

USA Today wondered, “Could Kevin Durant be the next NBA star to head home?”

ESPN noted what Wizards fans hope is a telltale sentiment: “Kevin Durant: LeBron move ‘classy.’”

Bleacher Report put it all together: “Stay or go? Two years out, Kevin Durant is already weighing his options.”

Can we survive 24 months of this? Just another dozen would be excruciating. And we have the easy part here in D.C.; imagine Oklahoma City’s rising angst.

Such conjecture is unavoidable in today’s micro-instant environment. The continuous news cycle demands to be fed and it’s hardly a picky eater.

Junk food is just fine.

It’s not Durant’s fault that folks in D.C. and OKC are getting worked up about something that might or might not happen two summers from now. It’s not his fault that he’s asked to predict his feelings and thoughts in 2016, with no knowledge of events that will transpire before then.

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