- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 31, 2014

The newly rehabbed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shocked Canadian DJ Deadmau5 by ordering five espressos for himself when the two went for coffee on Wednesday.

Deadmau5 posted a YouTube video of his coffee run to Tim Hortons with Mr. Ford, dubbed by many in the media as the “crack mayor,” who left a rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction last month, The Toronto Sun reported.

Deadmau5 ordered an extra large double-double and the mayor ordered five espressos in one cup.

“I need espresso,” Mr. Ford said. “No buddy, it’s good, trust me.”

“That’s crazy,” Deadmau5 said incredulously.

“I pound these espressos back, I do,” Mr. Ford said. “I’m on the phone so I just keep calling people and calling people.”

Mr. Ford insisted on paying for the coffee and gave Deadmau5 a $20 bill to cover the tab and gas, The Sun reported.



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