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Many longtime U.S. citizens in the audience who anticipated Mr. Conrad’s punch line began laughing, and he smiled excitedly as he told the new citizens he looked forward to seeing them again one day in court when they fulfill their newest obligation as Americans: jury service.

“If called upon to do so, I trust you will do so willingly with an understanding of the importance of the jury process in this nation, the right to have one’s case tried before one’s peers. You’re one of those peers now, and if asked to serve, I would hope each of our new citizens as well as those who have been here a little bit longer would do so joyfully and with an understanding of the importance of that very important service.”

The new citizens were then awarded with a silver medal and certificate of naturalization and taken atop Montalto Mountain for a picnic as part of their day at Monticello.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a legal analyst for the Washington Times.