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Dixon might find Pocono Raceway as the perfect track to ignite a winning streak - he has done it before. Dixon was seventh in the standings last season headed into Pocono when he took the checkered flag as part of a Ganassi podium sweep. He swept the doubleheader at Toronto and his three-race winning streak catapulted him into championship contention. He’d win again at Houston and clinched his third title at Fontana.

“Right now, we’re not as comfortable as we should be,” he said. “We’ve probably been a little bit aggressive in some areas. A lot of mistakes. Even I’ve made some mistakes.

“That’s racing. It goes your way sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Mark this year down as, it doesn’t.

Dixon escaped the pressure for a spell with a day trip to New York for the hot dog eating contest. Joey Chestnut packed away 61 franks and buns to hold onto his coveted mustard yellow winner’s belt.

“It was definitely eye-opening and pretty fun, actually,” Dixon said. “It was a good time. I think the crowd and the people watching was pretty interesting. Some of the scenes out there were pretty funny.”

Turned out, Dixon was hungry for more than a win.

“I thought probably after watching it, I wasn’t going to want a hot dog,” he said. “I actually had a hot dog as soon as (it ended).”