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All because Mr. Obama has promised to make them free Americans if they just touch our blessed borders — or at least that is the message the president conveys to these children and their families.

One little boy told a reporter through an interpreter: “He’s helping us. He signed papers and said all Guatemalans who come to the United States can stay. He’s helping us.”

Just look at the facts. Enforcement of immigration laws is a joke in the United States and everybody in South and Central America knows it. Then, Mr. Obama himself unilaterally granted amnesty to children in the U.S. illegally.

How does he now claim to be surprised by the humanitarian crisis of children flooding the border? What did he think would happen?

If ever there were a serious crisis not to let “go to waste,” it is this one now.

The president could finally get serious about enforcing immigration laws on businesses that hire illegals. He could begin real deportations. And he could send the starkest message yet by returning the children streaming across the border to their families back home.

Instead, the president keeps harping about “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is politicalese for refusing to enforce border laws until a widespread amnesty process is approved for all illegals. Of course, this is precisely why we have the humanitarian crisis on the border in the first place.

Mr. Obama plans to travel to Texas this week to attend political fundraisers. Astonishingly, the White House says that while is he collecting political campaign cash, he has no plans to visit the border.

Indeed, a serious crisis wasted by a president who apparently does not care.

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