- - Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The death of Wayne K. Curry, former Prince George’s County executive, is very sad news and a tragic loss not only to Curry’s family, but to the entire metropolitan region (“Former PG County Executive Wayne K. Curry dies of cancer at 63,” Web, July 2). Curry was a powerful orator and dedicated public servant. He was a leader who had at heart the best interests of those he served.

A man of his word, Curry did not let politics interfere with speaking his mind and standing up for the issues in which he believed. He often dared go where others feared.

Curry was motivated by an intense devotion to public service, and he ardently wanted to make a difference in Prince George’s County. He succeeded in making differences that had a profound impact on the county.

A skilled attorney, Curry was both academically smart and street-wise. He was a man who was comfortable in his own skin and could mix in all circles with ease. He was able to relate to diverse personalities and various backgrounds. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was bilingual — he truly could speak both “street talk” and “lawyer talk.”

Curry was a good listener who gave his full attention to the person to whom he was speaking. He was genuine and had a quick wit and a warm smile.

He was courageous, as his life demonstrates. In addition to battling cancer, Curry was the survivor of a brain aneurism that could have killed him. Recently, he publicly acknowledged that he had lung cancer, and prior to his death he spoke out and implored others who smoke to quit.

Wayne Curry was both my friend and colleague. His devotion to public service and the manner in which he confronted his personal challenges leave an indelible impact on us all. Rest in peace, Wayne.





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