- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A New York Rangers fan Rangers-skywriter-ripped-on-Twitter-for-having-trouble-spelling-the-team-name/3031402336968/” target=”_blank”>tried to showcase their skywriting skills above Manhattan over the weekend, but apparently could’ve used more practice — or a spell check.

The skywriter, who had trouble keeping a proper distance between letters, also seemed to encounter a spelling issue while attempting to write out the word “Rangers.” The letter “G” was stretched far too long, making it look more like a squiggle.

New Yorkers were merciless, quickly taking to Twitter to offer their critique of the amateurish job.

One user tweeted, “I really hope the skywriter over Union Square is trying to write ‘orange you glad I didn’t skywrite banana?’”

“Skywriter’s first day … I’d like to solve the puzzle. Is it rangers?” another one quipped.

And another: “‘World’s worst skywriter’ rooting for New York Rangers, we think.”



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