- - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The dirty secret in Washington is out.

Sometime soon, probably in July, the Washington Establishment is going to try to push immigration amnesty one last time.

The Democrats want amnesty for obvious reasons. They correctly believe it will result in millions of new Democratic voters, and once they work their way through the citizenship pipeline, there will never be Republican control of the federal government again.

Why Republicans want this is more of a mystery, other than a general suicide wish.

For real Americans, amnesty is a disaster.

Depending on whom you believe, amnesty is going to give legal status to anywhere from 11 million to more than 40 million. Given the surge of people at the border right now, the smart money is on the higher number.

What happens when these people become legalized and eligible to work in America?

The American workforce is at a 36 year low. Workforce participation is at an all-time low. There are 92 million Americans not in the workforce.

What happens if you add 11 million or 20 million or 30 million or even 40 million to that mix? The result will be even more people chasing even fewer jobs.

Many on the right and the left realize this. Many on both sides of the aisle realize that amnesty will bring “cheap labor” that will destroy the middle class.

Big Business benefits from cheap labor. America does not.

The same is true with these so-called “Free Trade Agreements,” which are opposed by people on the right and the left.

Free trade is a wonderful thing. Tennessee benefits from free trade. Tennessee has two primary exports: Jack Daniels and country music. Both flow freely outside of the borders of Tennessee to the rest of the nation.

To the north of Tennessee is a foreign land called Kentucky. Kentucky has two primary exports. They are bourbon and Rand Paul. Both freely flow outside of the borders of Kentucky to the rest of the nation.

The problem with these so-called free trade agreements is they are not about free trade at all. They are about crony trade. They are about setting up special rights for big corporations and other nations, at the expense of real Americans.

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