- Associated Press - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) - Kevin Weil felt his two young sons needed to burn off some energy following a Sunday afternoon birthday party, so they drove downtown to the Lydia Gold Skatepark.

The city-owned skateboard park on Cleveland Avenue is a favorite hangout for the Weil family, but this visit proved more memorable than all the rest.

Another man was taking what Weil said were “lewd” pictures of two scantily-clad women lying on the graffiti-covered concrete. Weil, 38, said he asked the man if he thought the pictures were appropriate considering the park was filled with kids.

The question led to an argument that quickly spun out of control. During a Tuesday interview with AL.com, here’s what Weil said happened next:

The man with the camera became irate and fetched a large handgun - possibly a TEC-9 semi-automatic - from his sport utility vehicle. It was just before 8 p.m.

“He walked straight toward everybody and said, ‘I will kill everyone here,’” said Weil. “He swept (the gun) across everyone, including the girls who were with him. Everyone was terrified.”

Most people, including Weil’s 9-year-old son, took off running toward the nearby Historic Huntsville Depot. Weil told his 6-year-old to take cover in a dry pool used for skateboard tricks.

And then Weil, armed with only a pocket knife, did something remarkable: he began walking toward the man, repeatedly ordering him to drop his gun and surrender.

“I was the only adult there,” he said. “I feared for my children’s lives, and the lives of the other children there. I was just a parent doing what a parent does.”

As Weil moved toward him, the armed man slowly backed up - all the way into the gravel parking lot. But Weil said the man kept shouting, kept the gun trained on his chest.

At this point, both men were near their vehicles. Weil grabbed his .40-caliber Glock handgun from a secret trunk compartment. Again, he ordered the man to drop his weapon and get on the ground. He also yelled for someone to call Huntsville police.

“At no point did he ever drop the weapon or put his hands up to surrender,” said Weil. “He made it much harder than it had to be.”

Weil said the man ducked behind his SUV, a maroon Ford Excursion with tinted windows. Unable to see what was happening, Weil said he shot out the windows and then approached the man’s vehicle.

“He’s still not presenting his hands or weapon,” said Weil, “so I shot down and low.”

Weil said one round struck the man below the waist, possibly in the buttocks. He said the man, still holding the semi-automatic pistol, hopped into another car with the girls he had been photographing. The girls jumped out; the man tried to put the car in gear.

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