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The problem is that behind these sound bites is complex yet quantifiable data that prove this simply is not true. The more you punish those who are productive and prosperous, the harder it is for the little guy to join them.

Conservatives have the power to defeat the sound bites because we have the truth on our side. The other side needs to resort to lies and deception and sleazy underhanded tricks in order to win. We just need to get better at conveying the truth, in simpler, more powerful sound bites. The message of true hope and prosperity is irresistible and more powerful than the best campaign slogan money can buy.

Whether Republicans can get the point across, conservative principles reflect what Americans believe in their heart of hearts.

Freedom is engraved on everyone’s heart — in our need to be valued and in our desire to be respected and appreciated for who we are. When we work hard and sacrifice, and that hard work and sacrifice have earned a better life for us and our loved ones, this is when freedom swells in our hearts.

If the conservative message is not resonating with the voters, Republicans shouldn’t abandon it. We should reframe it so that it resonates with the hunger for freedom that already exists within them.