- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 12, 2014

The mother of a fifth-grade autistic boy at a Texas middle school is seeing red after her son came home, asked her the meaning of the word “gullible” and then relayed how teachers recognized him during a recent awards ceremony as “Most Gullible.”

The boy, Denis Harr, 11, was also awarded by Grady B. Rasco Middle School teachers as “Drama King,” the Inquisitr online news reported.

Others recognized for achievements during this same ceremony were handed awards like “Most Likely to Succeed,” the Inquisitr reported.

Denis said he wasn’t sure what his awards meant at the time they were bestowed on him — but that he did have a feeling they weren’t that good.

“They said they had chosen me for ‘Most Gullible’ and ‘Drama King,’ ” he said, the media outlet reported. “I didn’t know what they meant. I thought they meant something bad, like, that would make fun of you.”

Meanwhile, Denis‘ mother was incensed and told the local KHOU: “This is an age where they don’t need to have labels put on them.”



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