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Compton hugged his caddie and soaked up the standing ovation.

“It’s very exciting to play golf around people that are supporting you,” Compton said. “I’ve never had that feeling where so many people were cheering my name. It was just a really great week for me.”

Compton ensured himself a spot in the 2015 Masters and a return to next year’s U.S. Open without having to qualify. He should move into the top 75 of the world ranking for the first time, his career finally looking up after so much hardship.

There was one problem: the USGA had a single runner-up medal for the awards ceremony. Compton put it on first, then gave Fowler a turn.

“We’re going to fish-off for the medal,” Compton joked.

After getting into Fowler’s selfie, Compton talked about playing golf with his friend after the second transplant, how much that whole experience meant to him.

“When I drove up and saw him, he was like a celebrity in my eyes because of what he’s accomplished,” Compton said.

“Now,” he went on, breaking into a devilish grin, “he’s looking at me like that.”

“Hey,” Fowler interjected, as everyone howled. “I did finish TIED for second.”

Indeed he did, but this was Compton’s moment to shine.

His life never felt so full of promise.