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He is making a superhuman recovery, coming back to play just four months after they cut into his back.

Golfer Graham DeLead had the same surgery in 2010. He didn’t play in a tournament for six months, and quickly learned he had come back too quickly. He told reporters when he finally came back to the tour in 2012 he came back too quickly, and wondered out loud if he would ever be fully recovered.

Every recovery can be different. But Tiger’s seems remarkable.

It just happens that Tiger is coming back for his own tournament, which seems mercenary as much as courageous. It was clear this was his target when he wrote about his recovery on his blog in May.

“As I’ve said several times, I hope to be back sometime this summer, but I just don’t know when,” he wrote. “There are a lot of big tournaments coming up, and one that’s personally important to me is the Quicken Loans National. I really appreciate Quicken Loans becoming the title sponsor of my event. It means a lot to me and my foundation. Whether I’m able to play or not, I’m going to be there to support it.”

Will we feel sorry for him if he struggles on the course? If he is no longer Tiger Woods, will we finally embrace Tiger?

I suspect sympathy is not a crown he would wear well. He is better suited to be Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of his time. Ordinary will not play well.

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