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Mr. Miller also asked about a letter from the Justice Department’s Office of Special Council sent earlier Monday that included reports of a veteran with service-connected mental health issues being held at a VA facility for eight years with only one medical note in his file. The letter said this type of patient neglect is not an isolated problem, and is a widespread issue that the VA is doing little to fix.

In response to the letter, Mr. Gibson ordered a review of the Office of the Medical Inspector to be completed in two weeks. Dr. Lynch said it’s important to wait for the results of this review before drawing any conclusions.

“The Office of the Medical Inspector is unique in healthcare. We don’t see it in the private sector. It is VA’s arm to evaluate objectively outside of the facility concerns about the quality of care,” he said. “VA and our acting secretary have taken those concerns very seriously. We need to take those seriously because VA is in a position where we have to reestablish our credibility.”