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The challenge of the course may turn off some players who do not wish to play a U.S. Open-style course two weeks after the main event takes place.

Rose, who last played the course during the U.S. Open in 2011, said Congressional is a welcome challenge for players who want to be tested.

“I think we have plenty of tournaments out on tour where there’s a birdie-fest, and the real stout tests are becoming fewer and far between out on tour,” Rose said. “I’ve always liked playing golf [where] 10-under wins. To me, that’s a great tournament. … You know if you’ve come off the golf course and you’ve made a number, you’ve played well.”

Haas, whose father, Jay, won nine PGA Tour events and has won 16 others on the Champions Tour, grew up knowing how difficult it can be for a tour player to get his hands on a trophy.

But for him, the stretch of dominance by former champions boils down to one simple fact.

“I think the first answer is most true — that there’s only been [seven] of them,” Haas said. “Twenty years down the road, if we keep playing it, you might see some more rookies winning here.”