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James might lack the killer instinct of a certain cold-blooded, 10-time NBA scoring champ and six-time Finals MVP, but he’s absolutely as cutthroat at business. He reportedly made more than $30 million when Apple purchased Beat Electronics. If Micky Arison wants to keep James in South Florida, the Heat owner needs to break out his checkbook and spend for a better supporting cast.

Still, odds are that James stays in Miami with Dwyane Wade and/or Chris Bosh. James is Numero Uno of the Big Three, but it’s conceivable that upgrades can be secured for the other two — who also opted out. Everything could depend on how much James values the trio as family.

Anthony seems more likely to leave the Knicks. Their best shot is persuading him to suffer through a dismal season and then anchor a rebuild in 2015, when they’ll have plenty of money for desirable free agents such as Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Rajon Rondo and Marc Gasol.

Wherever James and Anthony land, watching the process play out will be a blast. The fate of Wade and Bosh makes a nice subplot. So does Minnesota’s contemplations of trading Love before he walks away for nothing (the scenario that brought Anthony to New York from Denver).

How much less money will these star players accept? How much can they dictate other personnel decisions? How much maneuvering can desperate suitors pull off?

Special bonus question for the Lakers: How much is the brand and Hollywood worth?

Thanks to James and Anthony, we’re about to learn answers for those questions and more. That’s much juicier — and much more impactful — than debates on how far Joel Embiid should fall in the draft.

Most of us don’t have the same career options as James and Anthony. At least we can enjoy them vicariously.