- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 26, 2014

Arizona’s Motor Vehicles Division has come under scrutiny after several customers complained that the drivers’ licenses they received in the mail did not contain their own photographs, or even their signatures.

All the other information was correct, said one surprised customer, Jennifer Lohss, United Press International reported.

“There was just somebody else’s picture and somebody else’s signature,” said told KPHO.

The MVD, also known as DMV (or Department of Motor Vehicles) in other states, reported that its office just received a new centralized computer system, but it’s not clear that the mistakes were due to the system. So far, five customers have reported the mistaken photos and signatures, UPI said.

“We immediately had a team assembled to assess what the issues might be,” MVD Director Stacey Stanton said in the report. “We don’t believe that this is a systemic issue. We believe it’s more individualized, and we need to find those nuances.”



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