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Fast-forward to 2014. Ms. Miller remains one of the most important journalists working on Middle East issues, terrorism and domestic and international politics.

Ms. Miller is a liberal, but not an ideologue, which is what still bothers the liberal establishment. Case in point: twenty-something website “editors in chief,” deciding it’s their mission to declare Ms. Miller somehow unfit to comment on the currently unfolding events in Iraq.

I first saw this troubling attack on Ms. Miller coming from Mediaite and its 27-year-old “editor in chief” Andrew Kirell, and Huffington Post’s “senior media editor” Jack Mirkinson. Mr. Mirkinson goes so far as to announce Ms. Miller is a “symbol” of all media’s “disastrous” reporting leading up to the Iraq war.

Genuine investigative reporting often leads to conclusions that makes both political establishments uncomfortable. For the left, if a story doesn’t conform to its narrative, it gets labeled “disastrous.”

Ms. Logan, Ms. Attkisson and Ms. Miller are what is known as “tall poppies”: Their success and commitment to the facts expose what others are not doing, and remind everyone what is possible. That often makes others, who are threatened by their talent and independence, uncomfortable.

What they do is called “reporting.”

With the collapse of President Obama’s domestic and foreign policies, and the Middle East on fire, voices like those of Ms. Logan, Ms. Attkisson and Ms. Miller become even more important, and efforts to demonize them will likely ramp up. Let’s make sure the petty and envious do not prevail. Support these women, and other fearless journalists, whenever you can.

Tammy Bruce is a radio talk-show host, author and Fox News contributor.