- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 26, 2014

There are a lot of terrorist for intelligence analysts to track. A Florida company seeks to make that task easier with a Facebook-like program that will allow individuals raised on social media to find their man.

“It’s for tracking bad guys. If you’re in Kabul, and I’m in Lahore, and you get information about this guy who was in this town at this cafe last week, the information automatically goes into a data graph,” said Modus Operandi’s chief scientist Eric Little, the technology website Venture Beat reported June 21.

Intelligence analysts working with the U.S. Army, Marines and Navy, including Mr. Little’s other clients, will create “profiles” for terrorists, which can then be updated by analysts working in the field.

“In irregular warfare, often the most valuable information for intelligence analysis is buried in unstructured, or soft, information sources,” the company’s website states. Mr. Little told Venture Beat that his new platform will allow people to quickly find patterns in streams of data.

“Intel data is convoluted and complex,” he added. “You have to draw these connections. If you think about 9/11, the information was there, but the dots weren’t connected. Our technology helps you draw these connections immediately.”



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