- The Washington Times - Sunday, June 29, 2014

There’s some surprising showbiz acknowledgment for the power of American exceptionalism, a belief already well known to grass-roots folk and patriots. Case in point: A recent test showing in Atlanta and Houston theaters holds great promise for “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” a feature-length film by oft-embattled writer/director Dinesh D’Souza and Oscar-winning producer Gerald R. Molen. Indeed, the work was called “a slick, sprawling celebration of American exceptionalism” by Variety and cited by the Hollywood Reporter for debunking “the narrative that the United States has been a force of evil across the world through a combination of historical recreations and interviews with some of the country’s harshest critics.”

Both publications noted the film’s surprise strong box office returns in the regional markets. It opens nationwide in 1,000 theaters Wednesday and could prove to be a sleeper blockbuster like the determined pair’s other project — “2016: Obama’s America,” which drew over $33 million in ticket sales and ended up to be the second-most-successful political documentary of all time.

“After the success of ‘2016,’ I knew there was an audience that wanted to be proud of our country and see a film that took an honest look at how this country came to be and where we go from here,” says Mr. D’Souza.

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“What makes this film unlike any today is the history behind it, the truth about American history and the place we have in world history,” notes Mr. Molen. “I call upon all Americans to join us at their local theater to celebrate our great country.”

Meanwhile, some fans are petitioning the White House to allow “America” to be shown in military theaters. “At this time, there are no plans for the film to be released on U.S. military bases around the world,” states the online petition, filed through the We the People program. “Since this is a patriotic film that celebrates America, we are asking the White House to allow this film to be seen by the men and women who have sacrificed for our country at movie theaters around the world that happen to be located on U.S. military installations.”


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The pesky news cycle has moved forward a notch on Hillary Clinton, who is prompting cases of fatigue among voters who can’t deal with another round of the potential presidential hopeful’s perky reinvention. The condition comes and goes, though, depending on Mrs. Clinton’s presence — or absence — in news coverage. So either get used to it or ignore it. Even progressive HBO host Bill Maher has this thought: “My advice to Hillary: Just go away. Because otherwise you’re going to blow this.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the stealth candidate on the move. She’s biding her time, lioness-like, in the “tall grass” as her rival flounders, according to Thomas Lifson, editor of The American Thinker. Another canny observer cites a parallel between Mrs. Warren and the winning, straightforward appeal of David Brat, who recently rattled Rep. Eric Cantor right out of the Virginia GOP primaries.

The Massachusetts Democrat could follow suit. The populist appeal against political elites and backroom deals is a bipartisan phenomenon.

Senator Warren owes her left-wing hero status to the Democratic version of this kind of populism. She’s been talking for years about how the well-connected ‘rig the system’ for their own benefit,” says syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg.

“Now, I find many of Warren’s proposed solutions — more regulation, more taxes, more government, et cetera — abhorrent. But, believe it or not, I am not a Democratic primary voter. Those who are love what Warren is selling. Which is why Warren is perfectly poised to be the Obama of 2016. And the role of Hillary Clinton will be played by Hillary Clinton,” Mr. Goldberg predicts.


“President and Sasha evidently hiked for about one hour at Great Falls. No info on what trail they took. Activity continued at park while Obama and first daughter hiked. Many visitors did not look twice at the dozen odd Secret Service vehicles, press pool and agents standing around. Pooler does not believe the more than 15 vehicles in motorcade paid the $5-per-car entry fee posted at park entrance, nor did anyone pay $3 individual entry fee.”

— from the White House pool report filed late Sunday afternoon by Dan Friedman of the New York Daily News, regarding President Obama’s afternoon trip to a Virginia park with his daughter.


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