- Associated Press - Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PARIS (AP) - Novak Djokovic knows it’s important to keep those sponsors happy.

During Djokovic’s victory in the French Open quarterfinals Tuesday, the letter “P” tumbled off a courtside advertising sign for the carmaker “Pugeot.”

Between points, Djokovic ambled over and put the silver-colored “P” back in place.

Then he struck a pose next to it, showing the patch on his sleeve with that same company’s name.

- Howard Fendrich, http://twitter.com/HowardFendrich


TEA TIME: When Maria Sharapova came back from a set down to win her French Open quarterfinal, Wimbledon champion Andy Murray’s mother, British Fed Cup captain Judy, wrote on Twitter: “Sharapova is like a tea bag. Put her into hot water and (you’ll) find out how strong she is.”

So a reporter wanted to know what Sharapova thought of that assessment.

Didn’t go well.

First, Sharapova asked who Judy Murray is.

Then Sharapova asked the reporter to explain what the tweet meant.

The reporter asked Sharapova whether she drinks tea.

“I’m a big tea drinker,” Sharapova replied with a laugh. “I don’t understand what she means.”

The reporter began explaining.

“That’s great. She’s very creative,” Sharapova said. “I guess she could have put it many different ways, and she chose the English version.”

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