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Because the administration just discovered where Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was being held “captive” or he was in some kind of imminent danger?

Widespread reporting indicates the Pentagon knew where he was all along and that, indeed, he was in no particular danger. Enough men, the military felt, had already died trying to save this wretched ingrate.

Was it because the administration has for months been hot-stepping it from one disaster to the next and, in the depths of depraved cynicism, needed a political “win” to change the conversation?

Well, nobody is talking about all the veterans being abused and dying in VA hospitals anymore.

Was it so President Obama could finally make good on his reckless — though apparently vacant — promise to close Gitmo within the first 100 days of his first term? Five down, how many more terrorists to go now that this new soldier marketplace is open for business?

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