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Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, said recently that the unanimous rulings against the administration represent a rejection of “the Obama Administration’s calls for greater federal executive power.”

Other than the case involving recess appointments, the decisions have had little to do with executive power.

The court’s decision last week in the Massachusetts case on protests at abortion clinics centered on a state law, not presidential actions, even though the government backed the law.

Republicans still cited the decision as a judicial rebuke of Mr. Obama, saying the president exceeded his constitutional authority.

“I think it’s tempting to take Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit and try to build on that and say there is an abuse of presidential power here, and even the Supreme Court thinks so. But I don’t think those claims are being borne out,” said Stephen Wermiel, a constitutional law professor at American University in Washington. “Some of the losses — it’s silly to attribute them to the administration.”