- The Washington Times - Monday, June 30, 2014

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will return to work Monday as “a new man” — at least according to his brother-turned campaign manager — after a two-month break to deal with lifestyle issues that rocketed him to fame for all the wrong reasons.

Doug Ford told CBC News that his brother is slimmer and healthier after his period of rehab.

“He’s had a eye-opener on life and self and things that may have triggered his addiction before,” he said in a phone interview with the Canadian outlet. “It’s going to be a new Rob Ford.”

Mr. Ford, who is seeking re-election, left in April after a string of unflattering incidents that included tapes of him reportedly smoking crack and making “lewd, racist and sexist comments,” according to multiple news outlets.

He quirky nature and outlandish comments won him fans in some circles, and Mr. Ford is trying to ride his novel fame to redemption.

“It was unacceptable. It was totally unacceptable,” Doug Ford said about his brother’s past antics, CBC reported. “He realizes it.”



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