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Maybe it never reaches the destination.

Or maybe it comes within reach only after seven months worth of training, gelling and playing.

With a second-place finish in Group G stuffed in his pocket, Klinsmann has no shortage of confidence entering Tuesday’s match against Belgium. “We have absolutely no fear at all,” he told reporters during a media briefing. “We feel like we are in a position now to challenge it. We believe we have built a foundation in our team that we are able to beat them.”

A victory against Ghana and a tie-that-should’ve-been-a-win against Portugal does wonders for the mindset. The 1-0 loss against Germany didn’t dent the team’s self-esteem because advancing is all that mattered. (And what’s with suggestions that we were too happy in defeat? Seemingly every NFL season concludes with teams that back into the playoffs. Either they lose as they rest starters or they lose but get to celebrate anyway, because the right combination of other teams also lost.)

Reaching the knockout stage was the first step in an “impossible” journey. The view is different from here, as Klinsmann shared with his team.

“Don’t be content,” he said he told them. “This is what you work so long and so hard for. Make it happen. Is it doable? Absolutely. We got out of this group. Now anything is doable.”

It’s hard to argue with his tactics so far. Even the controversial decision to omit Landon Donovan from the roster — which could’ve been disastrous after Jozy Altidore was injured in the first match — has worked out. Klinsmann also added several unknown players, including John Brooks, whose header was the game-winner against Ghana.

The team has come a long way since December, causing Klinsmann to adjust his prognosis as well as travel plans for return trips to the U.S.

“I asked all the players to make sure that all their flights are booked after July 13,” he said.

The World Cup final is scheduled for that date.

That’s the kind of talk we like to hear from our coaches, even if they lie about our team’s prospects.

Klinsmann told the truth seven months ago and he’s telling the truth now:

Anything can happen at this point.