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Similar to the Hope drive-through, Estero’s facility is just outside the church and along a major road.

“I’d say it’s primarily locals, but we’re on Highway 41, so we get a lot of people,” Mr. Halley said. “The demographic that [stops] is pretty random. We’ve got folks from all walks of life facing their own unique sets of issues.”

Estero’s drive-through is open from 5:15-6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Mr. Halley said six or seven cars will come by some weeks.

“It varies pretty drastically,” he said. “Some weeks we only get a couple folks.”

Like the Voorhees locals, the community response in Estero has been warm and intrigued.

“I think people get a kick out of it, regardless of whether they’re churchgoing folks,” Mr. Halley said. “But for people who stopped, they’re very thankful.”