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Under the headline “Carry Forward the Thinking on People’s War, Win Cyber Network War in the Future,” the PLA newspaper accused the U.S. of “out-and-out cyber network hegemonism.” U.S. Internet dominance is carried out through eight U.S. technology companies — Cisco, IBM, Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Apple, Oracle, and Microsoft — and by controlling 10 of the 13 root name servers of the Internet, it stated.

Quoting Mao’s statement that “all reactionaries are paper tigers,” the PLA said popular support is decisive in defeating U.S. cyber hegemonism.

“The fact that the U.S. cyber network hegemony is against the will of the people constitutes the greatest check and drag on the United States’ attempt in this regard,” the report said.

It also quoted Mao’s statement that the richest source of power to wage war stems from “the masses.” And it noted that all wars fought by the “party and our army” involved troops with inferior force against superior enemies.

“And the magic weapon we used to subdue our enemy was the thinking on people’s war,” the report said. “In order to resist the U.S. cyber network hegemony, one has to use superb tactics to fight with the Americans, who possess superior equipment.”

The report concludes: “To wage people’s war in the cyber network era, we cannot expect any readily available prophetic answer from any great man, nor can we totally copy past experience and practices in a simplified manner. How to inherit and carry forward the thinking on people’s war and how to engulf our enemy in a ‘boundless ocean of people’s war’ are major mission-related topics that are worth our great attention and study.”

The report was written by Yuan Yi, Liu Rongbao, and Xu Wenhua, who work in two PLA institutes, the Combat Operations Theory and Doctrine Research Department at the Academy of Military Science and the National Defense Mobilization Department at the Shijiazhuang Army Command Academy.

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