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Be it Ronan leaving a ectoplasmic outline once he walks through a door, the complex, glowing graffiti that explodes on walls triggered by the detective, mist with a mind of its own, the ominous nighttime skies of Salem moving above and the ornate architecture and tombstones, the game delivered a ghastly gorgeous experience

Toss in the occasional cries of the insane, the interrogation of feisty spirits, the unlocking of extra supernatural tales and some bizarre ramblings of frightened citizens to complement the eerie settings.

Also, I appreciated the appearance of some nasty soul suckers, clearly distant relatives of Harry Potter’s Dementors, to break up the clue-hunting.

These voracious creatures stalk Ronan looking to drag him to their realms. When they are in the vicinity, he must either move from pockets of spirit residue hanging about to hide from the menaces or sneak up behind one and exorcise it until the creep bursts into fiery embers.

Additionally, I enjoyed reading some history of Salem such as the witch trials, privateering during the American Revolution and Ashland Cemetery when I was able to find historical markers stationed around terrain.

Murdered: Soul Suspect never fully materializes as a must-have adventure for the PlayStation 4. It’s more of a creepy, 8-hour, cinematic exercise in handholding rather than a intellectual challenge.

Furthermore, The price tag will actual frighten more than the game play. A better approach for Square Enix might have been releasing the title as episodes on the latest (retina-display-powered) version of an iPad with a much more reasonable, segmented cost.