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These negative results were “achieved” using tools (outsized deficits and suppressed interest rates) whose effectiveness is questionable, at best. So savers, whose financial assets are trapped inside banks and brokerage firms, could now be set for slaughter, via “one-time” wealth taxes.

Relentlessly targeting billionaires and millionaires for scorn, lauding error-laced analysis contained in “soak the rich” arguments articulated by the likes of Thomas Piketty — these signal that the Obama administration has few painless solutions left.

Instead of paring a bloated, and woefully ineffective maze of Federal Government bureaucracies, the Obama administration must be contemplating extraordinary solutions in the event the worst happens and a “crisis-in-confidence” results, again threatening the U.S. and global financial systems.

The Obama administration seems sure to continue ruinous policies to the very end, we speed towards a day when the U.S. dollar will be dethroned as primary reserve currency for the world.

When the Federal Reserve System belatedly raises U.S. dollar interest rates, all unprepared Americans will lose, and some losses will be mammoth.

Mark these words — within months, Americans of all stripes will rue and ultimately revolt against policies of economic ruination imposed upon us.

Charles Ortel serves as managing director of Newport Value Partners (, which provides economic research to executives and to investment firms.