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Same-sex questions

In a country where same-sex marriage has made huge political strides in recent years, any assertions about marriage and parenting are likely to be questioned.

Indeed, several federal judges, in approving same-sex marriage, have agreed with gay plaintiffs that two women or two men are just as good for a child as a mother and a father.

The new report responds to this issue briefly by agreeing that “there are some grounds” for thinking that same-sex parents could still provide a complementary form of parenting to their children. For instance, in some lesbian-headed homes, one woman works while the other cares for the children.

But the report maintains that there is little research about how complementary parenting styles operate in lesbian homes, and even less is known about how two men parent together. Thus more research is needed to see how these parenting styles operate and how they affect children, it said.

“My goal is not to pitch heterosexual couples raising children against homosexual couples raising children,” said Dr. Kline. “Any child who has two parents who get along reasonably well and are absolutely dedicated to the well-being of that child is a very fortunate child indeed.”

It will be interesting to see what emerging research will show, she added, “but the crisis in childhood is not about gay parents, it’s about heterosexual parents who cannot find a way to come together and create stable homes for their children.”