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Of all the lessons that the tornado and the years following have taught LifePointe, Griffith said the most significant was that God answers prayers.

“There were times during this thing that we got discouraged,” he said. “There were times that some of us … some of us wanted to just quit. I was one of them. … The enemy was telling me after the tornado that ‘this is the perfect time for you to go back and work a secular job. Let someone else with more experience come in and carry this church through this devastation.’

“And then a buddy of mine called me who’s an evangelist, and he said, ‘Now Jeremy, I know you’re going through a lot and you feel like quitting. But Jesus is walking in the middle of this storm, but you have to find Him. Just like the disciples when they were on the sea, and the Bible said they would have passed Him by if they had not recognized Him.’

“I took a couple of days to myself and I said, ‘Lord, you’ve gotta help me through this.’ And He did. I got in contact with Him. He reassured me and I felt in my spirit that He was there. We haven’t looked back since then.”


Information from: The Tuscaloosa News,