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Mrs. Feinstein’s committee has produced a 6,300-page report that is critical of the CIA, arguing that the Bush-era detention and interrogation techniques were far worse than what had been revealed.

The CIA has said publicly that it disagrees with some of those conclusions, but Mrs. Feinstein notes that the agency’s own assessment in the Panetta review reveals that it agrees with the key findings.

“To say the least, this is puzzling,” she said. “How can the CIA’s official response to our study stand factually in conflict with its own internal review?”

She also said the CIA has filed an official accusation with the Justice Department charging that committee staffers broke the law by accessing and taking the Panetta review documents. Mrs. Feinstein said that appeared to be an effort to intimidate the committee.

She said the person who filed that accusation was involved in the CIA’s interrogation programs and is named repeatedly in the committee’s critical report.

Mr. Brennan, though, said the CIA is not trying to thwart the investigation’s release.

David Sherfinski contributed to this report.