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The Dodgers made their first challenge this spring under the new instant-replay rules. The call was overturned.

In the fifth inning, Arizona shortstop Didi Gregorius stole second. Ramirez, the Dodgers shortstop, pointed to Gregorius and said he had taken his foot off the base in a slide. John Pratt, the Dodgers major league video coordinator this spring, was in the television truck, reviewing tape of the play. Acting manager Tim Wallach said information was relayed to him from the Dodgers dugout, which was in contact with Pratt, via walkie-talkie.

“It was clear that it was worth challenging,” said Wallach, who says in regular-season it will be his job to relay the information to Mattingly. “It’s probably one we’d do every time.”


Matt Kemp, who is coming off micro-fracture surgery on his left ankle, played center field in minor league game Wednesday for the first time this spring.

“I’m excited to be back on the field, just playing,” he said. “That’s the process. We’re taking our time.”