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• 92 percent of the “young millenial” attendees at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference believe there will be another Republican president “in their lifetime.”

• 75 percent say there is not enough conservative activism on college campuses.

• 48 percent identify themselves as Republicans; 21 percent identify as Libertarians, 21 percent as “conservative, not Republican.”

• 34 percent say the most important issue to them is jobs/the economy; 24 percent cite the national debt.

• 33 percent cite Sen. Rand Paul as their preferred 2016 presidential candidate; 10 percent cite Sen. Ted Cruz.

• 7 percent cite Ben Carson, 7 percent cite Gov. Chris Christie.

• 6 percent cite Sen. Marco Rubio, 6 percent cite Rep. Paul Ryan, 6 percent cite Gov. Scott Walker, 3 percent cited Sarah Palin.

Source: A Turning Point USA poll of 855 CPAC attendees ages 18-28 years conducted March 6-8.

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