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The seizure in July of a North Korean cargo freighter that was held in Panama revealed some details of the North Korean covert arms supply networks, the report said. The ship was found to be carrying MiG jets, anti-aircraft weapons and explosives hidden under bags of sugar purchased from communist Cuba.

North Korea continued development of nuclear weapons, including the resumption of nuclear activities at Yongbyon, near the capital. Satellite imagery also showed the North Koreans continued work, including construction, at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

The North Koreans also have ignored U.N. sanctions on missile tests, although no long-range missile tests were conducted during the past year.

Missile development work included tests of large rocket motors for long-range missiles, either the Taepodong-2 missile or the new KN-08 road-mobile ICBM. Construction shown in satellite photos indicates Pyongyang is building a launchpad and a radar tracking facility.

The report stated that the North Korean government announced in a letter to the United Nations that it has developed “powerful, precise means for conducting a nuclear attack and nuclear war methods.”

State-run news outlets in North Korea also threatened last March that leader Kim Jong-un has “examined and ratified the plan of the Strategic Rocket Force for firepower strike” to include attacks on U.S. military bases in Hawaii and Guam and in the continental U.S., the report said.

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