- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Florida toddler had her first brush with the law on Sunday when two police officers in her neighborhood pulled over her toy convertible.

Two-year-old Za’Dariyah Mishaw, of Jacksonville, was cruising through the parking lot of her condominium complex when a police cruiser flashed its lights right behind her, a local news station reported.

Officers were reportedly in the area for a criminal investigation, but decided to take a break from the seriousness when they saw the girl and her family.

“Everyone always has bad things to say about the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, well, I want to say big props to these officers for making a memorable moment for my family,” the girl’s uncle, Keyth Mishaw told the station. “It was a fun moment, brightened up the whole day.”

It’s unclear if Za’Dariyah was ticketed for speeding or failing to use her turn signal, the station notes, but she was ticketed for a traffic related infraction. She tells her mom that she wants to pay off her $4 ticket.

Patrol officer Christian Velasco said: “She was going pretty fast. It took me a while to catch up to her, but we did, and she was cited.”



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