- - Thursday, March 13, 2014


Thomas Sowell’s eloquent Commentary piece on the political left and its disdain for successful minority students enrolled in nonpublic schools is a reminder of the arrogance of the elite (“For left, teachers unions trump minority students,” Web, March 11).

Liberals would sacrifice the education of these students and dash the hopes of these students’ parents in the name of “public education.” Their frenzied attack on charter schools, including schools that boast significant achievement, should be the rallying cause for those who used to advocate for these children.

Where are the advocates for the underdog? Where are groups such as the NAACP and its cohorts?

Oh, I forgot — “the National Association for the Attack on Conservative People” is busy attacking blacks who disagree with the Democratic Party and who want to rein in some of the overzealous teachers unions.

Thus politicians including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio may yet succeed in reducing the positive work of the city’s charter schools.

Where is the equity?


Capitol Heights



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