- Associated Press - Thursday, March 13, 2014
Minn. House votes to kick in school lunch money

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - The Minnesota House on Thursday voted unanimously to guarantee children don’t get denied a school lunch for lack of money.

The bill, which passed 130-0, gained traction amid reports that some districts either denied lunches to kids who couldn’t afford them or gave them a lesser meal than their peers. Under the bill, the state would spend $3.5 million a year to shore up the lunch program.

Rep. Yvonne Selcer, DFL-Minnetonka, said a strong vote on her bill should “make the statement that no child shall go hungry in a Minnesota school because of the inability to pay.”

If it becomes law, she said, “no child shall go through any shame, worry or embarrassment as they make their way through the lunch line at school.”

Selcer said it would provide for up to 61,500 students.


4 die at Minn. veterans home after virus outbreak

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A veterans’ home in Minneapolis has put new admissions on hold after a norovirus outbreak that may have been a factor in the deaths of four residents, a Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs spokeswoman said Thursday.

So far the virus has not been positively linked to the deaths at Minneapolis Veterans Home since March 7, department spokeswoman Anna Lewicki Long said Thursday. They all had other complications, she said.

At least one resident was hospitalized due to the virus, she said. About 20 employees have called in sick since March 7 with some sort of stomach virus, she said.

Long said samples have been sent to state health officials for testing. The virus is an annual issue in the wider community, particularly in nursing homes, hospitals and care facilities, she said.

Their other homes have not been hit, Long said.


EPA says PolyMet mine review shows improvements

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