Ron Paul: CIA spying is a result of a distrustful, big government

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Former Rep. Ron Paul said Wednesday night that it’s “ironic” for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, to be upset that the CIA is spying on Congress after defending the widespread spying on the American people just months before.

“It is ironic a bit that Feinstein is finding out what it’s like,” he said on Fox Business’ “The Independents.” “She doesn’t care about our privacy, but lo and behold she does care about her own. When they tap into her computers, she does get a little bit upset about it.”

Mr. Paul said the spying is an example of “government run away,” as the government gets too large and distrustful of everyone, including its own citizens.

On the show, he also spoke about the Russian invasion of Crimea. Crimeans will vote Sunday on whether they want to be part of Ukraine or Russia, and Mr. Paul said he doesn’t understand how the U.S. can argue against the results of the election, which he sees as democracy at work.

“We loved secession when we seceded from Great Britain, and we loved secession when the Soviet Union broke up,” he said.

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