- The Washington Times - Friday, March 14, 2014

It didn’t take long for things to go south for these newlyweds — a Louisiana groom became intoxicated on their honeymoon flight to Costa Rica, began squabbling with his new bride, and eventually forced the airplane to make an emergency landing on Grand Cayman Island, according to authorities.

The belligerent man was met at the gates at Grand Cayman by island police and was held on a charge of drunk and disorderly conduct, Royal Cayman Islands Chief Inspector Raymond Christian told Reuters news service.

Deciding not to stand by her man, the newly-minted wife chose to stay aboard the Delta Airlines flight to San Jose, Costa Rica.

It’s the third time in in recent weeks that a plane has had to perform an emergency landing because of drunken behavior.

A Delta flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City on Feb. 7 reportedly was diverted because of a belligerent female passenger who may have had one too many.

Later that month, a California man was arrested at Los Angeles International airport after flying three sheets to the wind and becoming rowdy — throwing punches at flight attendants and cursing at them — on a flight from Manila.



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