- - Friday, March 14, 2014


I fear that we are becoming a nation of thin-skinned, easily offended, intolerant people who neither respect nor accept the individuality and freedom that we all possess.

The angry atheists who are shocked and upset by a tribute to Bladensburg’s fallen heroes are not on a one-way street (“Humanists fight to remove cross-shaped World War I memorial,” Web, March 4).

Those of us who take comfort and solace in the cross generally and the Peace Cross specifically have every reason to be offended by unwelcome contact with those who deride and ridicule the symbols of our faith.

We have every reason to be shocked and upset with their intolerance and lack of respect for our beliefs and traditions. We have every reason to be offended by those who seek to eradicate a symbol such as the Peace Cross.

Yet perhaps the Solomonic answer to this dilemma of dueling offenses is this: Tear down Peace Cross to satisfy the offense to the atheists, and simultaneously banish the atheists from our land to satisfy the offense to those who cherish the cross.

Another possibility: simply permit the atheists to erect nothing in the vicinity of Peace Cross to symbolize their heartfelt beliefs.


Manchester, Md.



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