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At least the Colts were welcomed in Indianapolis. Fans there were elated to have an NFL team. In Texas, the arrival of the Senators was celebrated.

You think they want Maryland in Columbus and Ann Arbor? You think your Terps will be embraced in their new Big Ten home?

They don’t want you in the Big Ten. They want your television sets – not your team. They could care less about the Maryland Terrapins at Michigan State and Purdue. You’ll be a nuisance, an interloper, a team they will tolerate.

You think Maryland was treated like a second class citizen in the Carolina-centric ACC? You think you got screwed at Cameron Indoor?

Wait until you get to Assembly Hall, or the Crisler Center.

Why would Maryland get the calls there?

Despite the conspiracies, Maryland will be missed in the ACC. You heard it from the fans who delighted in chanting, “ACC, ACC,” in conference road games this year. And Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, who was clearly bitter over the Maryland defection, ironically spoke for Terps fans in September in an appearance on “The Sports Fix” on ESPN 980 radio.

“You felt not just a team that you were playing against; you felt that community, that Maryland spirit, the passion to win and to beat us,” he said. “And we’ve won some there, we’ve lost, but there’s never been a game there that was dull. It’s really one of the premiere games of the year for the conference, and I think it helped both programs.”

Now it’s gone. What do you have left, Terps fans? A jersey? That hasn’t been your jersey for some time. And now, after 61 years in the ACC, it’s not your team, either.

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