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Mr. Jones said he found Maj. Weirick to be “a man of integrity” and asked whether the commandant had reprimanded Mr. Hogue for his “slanderous comments comparing Maj. Weirick to the Navy Yard shooter.”

“Sir, when I look at what has happened, both in the James Clement situation and having talked to Maj. Weirick on numerous occasions over the past five months, it is disappointing that the integrity of this Marine — and I would include Capt. James Clement as well — have had to take the attacks that have come out of the office, whether it’s you or people around you, that they’ve done everything they could to destroy two — the integrity of two Marines,” the congressman said.

Mr. Jones asked Gen. Amos for a written reply to a series of questions within six weeks.

Top Pentagon civilians, including Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, have vouched for Gen. Amos.

“A lot of committee members commended Gen. Amos for his service, and I want to say that it has been one of the high honors of my life to serve with Jim Amos as the commandant,” Mr. Mabus, the Navy secretary, said after the hearing, according to the Marine Corps Times. “I think he is a man of absolute integrity. I think he has made some very hard and very good decisions for the Marine Corps. And he has my absolute, 100 percent support, backing and thanks for the results he has come out with in the United States Marine Corps.”

On Friday, Mr. Dowd in a letter asked Mr. Mabus to reconsider his discharge of Capt. Clement. Mr. Dowd said Mr. Mabus did not follow Navy regulations when he failed to address “the unlawful command influence by the commandant of the Marine Corps in this proceedings.”

“This secretary should recuse himself from this case which involved the gross misconduct of the commandant which he chose to ignore in this case,” he wrote.