- The Washington Times - Monday, March 17, 2014

A U.S. veteran whose legs were blown off during a mission in Afghanistan and who now wears two prosthetics said he was shocked and outraged when the Texas Six Flags he took his daughter to denied him entry on rides — and then refused to refund his ticket costs.

Sgt. Stephen Jackel said to the local Texas station, KMOV-TV, that he was only trying to accompany his 14-year-old daughter on one of the park rides. But amusement park officials said their policy was that all riders must have at least one fully functional arm and leg for safety reasons.

Yet the park officials never told Mr. Jackel that when he was buying the tickets, he said, The Blaze reported. After they denied him entry to the ride, they refused to refund the cost of his ticket, too, he said.

Six Flags did offer him complimentary tickets for another visit, however — something that Mr. Jackel said was completely nonsensical.

“My daughter was there the entire time,” he told KMOV-TV. “It got so frustrating that I broke down in front of her and cried.”

The local station said that after the report went public, the park agreed to work with Mr. Jackel to get him a refund.



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