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The quick pace at which local legislators were able to introduce and pass a decriminalization bill highlights how slow progress has been for patients seeking access to medical marijuana, said Mike Liszewski, policy director for Americans for Safe Access.

“It does seem a little strange that we haven’t figured out medical yet and we’re moving on,” Mr. Liszewski said. “We’re just wondering why the patients haven’t been taken care of yet.”

Americans for Safe Access, which supports medical marijuana but takes a neutral stance on recreational use, plans to work with individuals seeking to petition for various conditions to be included in the District’s qualifying-condition list. Likely high on the priority list are petitions to include chronic pain and epilepsy, Mr. Liszewski said.

It is unclear when the Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Scientific Subcommittee would rule on any petitions. Regulations for the program state that the committee must meet at least twice a year to review petitions. The committee’s next meeting is scheduled for March 27, but it is closed to the public.