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Still, it’s best known as a dance club, with rock and country music booked for the younger generation, and polka and dance bands for the older folks.

“We have people here every Sunday, who drive two to three hours to get here,” Darlene Kliment said of the polka dancers. “They don’t think anything of it. There’s no other place.”

Norm Kavan, 83, who lives in nearby Colon, doesn’t have as far to drive as some. He’s been a regular since 1964, even after his wife passed away 16 years ago.

“I have a lot of friends there,” Kavan said. “I’ve met a lot of people. I would like for it to stay open.”

So would Rezac, who hoped, but never guessed, the Starlite would still be around 50 years after she, Adrian and the Cherovksys opened it. She’ll miss this weekend’s celebration. Adrian Rezac is confined to a wheelchair after an accident, and the Cherovskys died in an auto accident years ago.

But she’ll send good thoughts that way.

“It was just something we decided out of the blue,” Rezac said about building it. “We knew there was a dancing community for it. I’m happy it’s still going. We’re proud we started something. I hope it keeps on going.”