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THE BIG FELLAS: When Menzies arrived at New Mexico State, he used an up-and-down style he learned as an assistant for Rick Pitino at Louisville. Now that he’s got a 7-foot-5 center (Sim Bhullar) and a 6-10 forward (Nephawe), it’s more about set plays and kicking the ball out off of double teams.

NO MILLER: One of the ugliest episodes of the college basketball season is costing the Aggies one of their key players, guard K.C. Ross-Miller. Miller is off the team after hurling the ball at a Utah Valley player after a loss there last month. That triggered a brawl involving New Mexico State players and Utah Valley State fans who stormed the court. Ross-Miller was originally suspended for two games; later, the school said he wouldn’t play the rest of the season. The Aggies are 5-0 since he was kicked off the team.

FISHER TO STAY: The 68-year-old Aztecs coach, now 25 years removed from his national title at Michigan, said he plans to stay at least through next season, when his current contract runs out. Waiting in the wings is his longtime assistant, Brian Dutcher, whose official title is Associate Head Coach-Head Coach In Waiting. “I promised him it won’t be as long as Boeheim’s assistants have to wait before he takes over,” Fisher said of the Syracuse coach, now in his 38th year.