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On Thursday, the Dodgers will play Australia’s national team in an exhibition and the Diamondbacks provide the opposition against Australia on Friday.

“We won’t use any top-line pitchers in that game,” Mattingly said. “We’ll try to make sure we won’t have anyone over-exposed.”

Mattingly said he didn’t expect a right shoulder injury to Dodgers left fielder Carl Crawford during a minor league game Tuesday to be serious. Crawford left the game after the injury.

Mattingly said no MRIs or other scans were scheduled, “but that could change.”

Crawford is one of four Dodgers left behind at spring training because his fiancee is about to give birth.

“It sounds like he had a checked swing, and felt a little something in his shoulder,” Mattingly said. “He stopped right there. He had a planned day off tomorrow, and we expect him to play the day after.”